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Howard University School of Law

Welcome to the Howard University School of Law. New and continuing students should check this Web site regularly because it will be used frequently to share news and events, to spotlight our faculty, students, and alumni, to provide giving opportunities, and most importantly, to communicate with you regarding announcements, helpful advice, scheduling, law school requirements, and more.

This is an exciting time to be a student, professor, alumnus, or staff member of Howard University School of Law. Our Law Library continues to offer unparalleled research and learning opportunities. We also have remodeled and smart wired all of our classrooms to incorporate emerging information technologies. Additionally, every member of the faculty has his or her own Web site which enhances the quality of the learning experience by making it easier for students and faculty to communicate outside of the classroom. In virtually every way, this law school is using technology to continue its tradition of providing “leadership for America and the global community.”

We recently renovated the entrance to Charles Hamilton Houston Hall, home to many of our classrooms and administrative offices. We continue to upgrade our facilities and are very proud of the beauty and serenity of the campus.

Of course, some things here will never change. The faculty, staff, and administration of the Howard University School of Law remain as committed as ever to providing its students with the finest legal education available and to preparing the next generation of leaders. Led by a visionary dean, we have an exceptionally talented faculty and student body, and thousands of alumni who are already making significant contributions to the legal profession and to their communities all across the nation. We invite you to visit us often, through this Web site and in person when you can.

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