Study Abroad Programmes

We promote and facilitate capacity-building opportunities through international mobility for students.

Opportunities Abroad

A full semester abroad programme allows students to be registered and attend classes at one of our partner universities. This is an opportunity to live and learn with local and other international students, as well as improve language skills and learn about the culture and customs of a foreign country. This may be a new experience for you, living independently, but you will have the support of a great team of university staff at the host institution.

We offer exchange opportunities during the first and second semester, with different calls for applications. These calls for applications will be sent to all students via the university communications email or by nomination from your faculties.

For more information, please seek the country and course work options available for students who would like to study on exchange. Each host university page has unique information related to applying, academic programmes, language of instructions, accommodations, estimated expenses, and more.

We offer exchange opportunities during the first and second semester with different calls for applications.

Outgoing from UWC

Students who intend to apply for a study abroad period where there is no formal partnership agreement or where no student exchange is possible, can contact our office for more information. This entails a custom-built study plan including course modules that require approval from the home department and research visits.

Incoming to UWC

Semester study abroad takes place through formal agreements between UWC and its partner institutions, where the terms are agreed in advance of the nomination. This includes duration of stay, credit transfer and course fees applicable. Free moving students who intend to apply for a short-term visit or semester study abroad can apply at our Office.

Doctoral students should include a brief motivation, research outline and a letter of support from their home supervisor. All other students can apply through their home university’s international office.


CompCare Medical Scheme

Are you an international student who needs medical cover to register at the University of the Western Cape? This plan may be for you.

Undergraduate Opportunities

We would like our students to become global citizens, by creating opportunities for mobility. If eligible, we encourage you to apply for these opportunities.

Postgraduate Exchange Programmes

A commitment to global learning, a sound academic record, respect, openness and ethical engagement are required for success in exchange activities and programmes.

Important Notice

The University of the Western Cape is closely monitoring developments surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Bearing in mind the many adjustments that UWC has had to make in response to the global pandemic, our Office will keep students updated on all changes and decisions, regarding international travel and mobility. Study Abroad and Student Exchange opportunities will be posted in due course, as soon as there is more clarity on the COVID-19 situation, and the way forward.

Dear partners and students,

The International Relations Office at the University of the Western Cape extends our well wishes to you during these uncertain and unprecedented times. Given the current global COVID-19 pandemic, we wish to extend our solidarity with our university partners – with compassion. The University has taken the necessary decision to postpone all inbound and outbound international travel and engagement until further notice.

However, we remain committed to our international partners, students and researchers, as well as to the broader society, to utilise our connectedness to offer intellectual contributions that seek to bring a measure of insightful scientific rigour and empathy to all those affected by the crisis. It is together, with unity of purpose and with our diversity and compassion, that we can continue to work with solidarity in service of humanity.

Additional information can be found on the UWC main site

Yours sincerely,


Umesh Bawa

Director of International Relations