Some of UWC’s active mobility programmes are with the University of Ruhr-Bochum in Germany, Leiden University in Netherlands, University of Valladolid in Spain, Ghent University in Belgium, Sciences Po in France and University of Groningen in Sweden.

UWC Application Procedure

Please follow the link for application procedures. Complete the online application. Forward your unique application number and supporting documents to the Coordinator at the International Relations Office.

Supporting documents include:

  1. A letter of support/nomination from your home university
  2. Your latest study record
  3. A copy of your passport
  4. The list of courses approved by your home university

Module Selection

Please note that module costs reflected for the 2021 academic year are based upon 2020 module costs and are subject to change

For detailed course information, please visit the University website and select View all Programmes.

Programmes are listed per Faculty. You will also find a course outline and credits per module.

  • Student Exchange Programme
    First Semester 2018
    University of Missouri – St. Louis
    I am grateful for the Henry Mitchell Scholarship and the University of the Western Cape for providing me with such experience. UWC paid for my VISA fees and airplane return ticket. I used the money I received from Henry Mitchell scholarship to pay for housing. As an exchange student, UMSL waived my tuition fees. Furthermore, I’d like to thank the UWC International Relations Office for the undated support right from the application process to the transfer of my credits.

    Phindulo Mavhina
    BSc Medical Bioscience Final Year
  • Student Exchange Programme:
    Henry Mitchell Fellow 2017
    University of Missouri/ University of the Western Cape
    A special word of thanks to Ms. Debra Lamson and her colleagues at my home University, The University of the Western Cape. Ms Lamson believed in my potential when she selected me for the program and supported me throughout the entire journey. Similarly, thanks to Prof Uphoff, Mr. David Currey, Ms Kristen Colbretch, Ms Carol from Reslife, The LGBTQI Resource Centre, my professors and everyone who supported me and looked after me at the University of Missouri.
    Johan Fourie
    3rd Year Social Work Student
  • Student Exchange Programme: Henry Mitchell
    University of Missouri/ University of the Western Cape
    During my time in South Africa I was afforded an opportunity of a lifetime. Through this enriching opportunity I meet new people and built life-long relationships with a group of extraordinary people. I am extremely grateful to the UM UWC partnership and the Henry Mitchell Scholarship fund for making this experience possible. Thank you Dr. Meuser, for allowing me to join this project and for valuing my skills and my voice. This trip has helped me grow beyond what I could have ever imagined in terms of educational experience, cultural immersion and competency, and awareness of the self and others.
    Brianne L. Overton
  • Staff Exchange:
    1 March 2019 to 17 March 2019
    University of Missouri/ University of the Western Cape
    The purpose of this visit was to explore the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Health Professions Education at the University of Missouri. I was fortunate enough to secure visits to two campuses, namely- the campus in St Louis and the other in Columbia. Both campuses are remarkably different in various ways. For the first week of my visit, I was hosted by Prof Andy Goodman and his colleagues in the Center for Teaching and Learning in St Louis. During the second week I was hosted by Profs Danielle Oprean and Xinhoa Xu in the School of Information Science and Learning Technology in Columbia. I wish to thank all the staff who I have met during this time for their kindness and hospitality. Thank you to UM and UWC for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow.
    Simone Titus
    Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, University of the Western Cape
  • Report on collaborative research visit
    University of the Missouri South African Education Programme
    The purpose of the visit was to explore collaborative research on marama bean (Tylosema esculentum), and to follow up on current collaborative research between Prof Ludidi and Prof Robert Sharp as well as to follow up on current collaborative research between Dr Keyster and Prof David Mendoza-Cozatl (which was linked to Prof Antje Heese). This also served as an opportunity for Prof Ludidi and Dr Keyster to attend the 2019 IPG Symposium. Several meetings were held during this period to cover a range of activities pertaining to the collaborative links between plant scientists at MU and UWC.
    Prof N. N. Ludidi & Dr. Marshall Keyster
    Acting Director: Centre of Excellence in Food Security
  • Academic Exchange Program
    January 17 – February 16, 2019
    University of Missouri - University of the Western Cape

    I acknowledge the financial support of the UM / UWC Exchange Program and the support of Prof Rod Uphoff, Ms. Hilda Wilson and their teams for the planning and arrangements. The National Research Foundation is also acknowledged for co-funding this exchange visit. I wish to thank Prof Suchi Guha and the Department of  physics and Astronomy at UMC for hosting me. I especially express my gratitude to Prof Suchi Guha,m Prof Carsten Ullrich, Prof Paul Miceli and his wife, Marta, for their friendship, hospitality and support and for the great dinners, discussions and excursions. I also wish to thank Prof Peter Pfeifer for initiating our departmental collaboration with UMC and for his friendship, valuable discussions and advice. A special thank you to the team of Prof Guha (Sorb, Amrit, Alec and Randy) for the valuable discussions and for their assistance with the analytical measurements!

    Prof Christopher Arendse,
    Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of the Western Cape

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