International SOS Services

National Police Emergency Helpline

Tel: 10 111

National Ambulance and Fire Emergency Helpline

Tel: 107

Tel: 10 177

Tel: (021) 480 7700

Mountain Rescue Emergency Helpline

Tel: 0800 123 123

Tel: (021) 948 9900

National Sea Rescue Helpline (Cape Town)

Tel: (021) 449 3500

UWC Residence

Tel: (021) 959 2569

Kovacs Student Village

Tel: (021) 959 9500

Mr Khwezi Bonani

Coordinator: International Student Services Office

Tel: (021) 959 2763

Mr Umesh Bawa

Director: International Relations Office

Tel: (021) 959 3400

Tel: (021) 959 2487

Important Notice

The University of the Western Cape is closely monitoring developments surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Bearing in mind the many adjustments that UWC has had to make in response to the global pandemic, our Office will keep students updated on all changes and decisions, regarding international travel and mobility. Study Abroad and Student Exchange opportunities will be posted in due course, as soon as there is more clarity on the COVID-19 situation, and the way forward.