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SANORD’s Maureen Davis hosting Norwegian SANORD members from HVL, Judit J Bragelein and Kari H Voldsund, at the Central Office at UWC.

SANORD – Southern African-Nordic Centre

SANORD is a network that brings together Nordic and Southern African institutions of higher education for research, dialogue and joint endeavours, based on shared fundamental values of democracy, social equity and academic engagement.

It promotes opportunities for student mobility and staff exchanges for research and educational collaboration. The network seeks to address new local and global challenges of innovation and development. The SANORD Central Office is located at UWC and is a branch of the International Relations Office.

Strategy 2022

Designed to further multilateral academic cooperation between the Southern African and Nordic regions.

The SANORD network seeks to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals through joint activities of research, education and other activities. SANORD activities are based on academic quality, academic freedom and fundamental values of democracy, human rights, equity and diversity.

Brian O’Connell Scholarship Programme

SANORD is committed to enhancing the experiences of internationalisation of students from member institutions through the BOC Scholarship Programme, which encourages capacitation and development through student mobility and research collaboration.

The BOC Scholarship Programme aims to provide scholarships to students from a member institution in the Southern African region to spend 3-5 months at a Nordic member institution. The programme makes provision for partial funding of R84,000 per applicant. Qualifying Master’s students who are registered at a SANORD member institution in the Southern African region are eligible to apply.

Successful candidates will be required to engage in activities that will support the completion of their Master’s degree. Preference will be given to those theses aligned to the SANORD Strategy 2022.

SANORD Central Office Internships

In the spirit of supporting student mobility between the Nordic and Southern African regions, the SANORD Central Office, located at UWC, offers internship opportunities to students from Nordic institutions. Interns are an important part of the everyday functioning of the office. They are particularly responsible for the Central Office’s communication channels.

In the future, SANORD hopes to be able to facilitate internship exchanges between its member institutions as well. Plans for such arrangements are underway.

The SANORD Central Office internships were started in 2013. There are two internships available for one calendar year, each usually a duration of 4-6 months.

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Webinar on Innovations for Sustainable Development

On 24 August 2021 at 12:00-14:00 CAT/SAST, 13:00-15:00 EEST


SANORD is proud to announce the 2021 Call for Proposals for Seed Funding is now open to all our members.

2021 Brian O’Connell (BOC) Scholarship Programme

SANORD is proud to announce the 2021 Call for Applications for the BOC Scholarship Programme is now open to all our members.

SANORD 2021 Conference

The SANORD 2020 Conference is rescheduled to 7-10 September 2021 in Bergen, Norway.

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Postponement of the SANORD 2020 Conference

The SANORD Conference 2020 is reschedueled to 7-10 September 2021 in Bergen

12th SANORD Annual Scientific Conference

The 12th SANORD Annual Scientific Conference was hosted by the University of Botswana in Gaborone, Botswana on 10-13 September 2019.

11th SANORD Annual Scientific Conference

The 11th SANORD Annual Scientific Conference was hosted by the University of Jyväskylä, Finland on 15-17 August 2018.