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Faculdades EST

The Faculdades EST is an important educational and research center in Brazil and one of the most renowned centers in Latin America.

Its general goal is to promote academic training and foment scientific research in the fields of human sciences and applied social sciences, linguistics, languages, arts and health. It aims at capacity building for qualified professionals to work in the various social-cultural environs which demand specialized knowledge in these areas.
The Faculdades EST is tied to the Rede Sinodal [Synodal Education Network] and is identified with the IECLB (Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil). Our institution is guided by inter-ecclesial, inter-religious and intercultural dialog.
In offering undergraduate, postgraduate, professionalizing and extension programs, the Faculdades EST seeks to:
•    Promote the training of qualified professionals in the areas  of human sciences, applied social sciences, linguistics, languages, arts and health;
•    Promote professional and scientific training and research at the technical, undergraduate and postgraduate levels in their fields;
•    Foment, through extension and specialization, the improvement and updating in their fields;
•    Promote basic capacity building for people and institutions to work in religious, and civil communities and in the public sphere through supplemental training in their fields;
•    Foment scientific, cultural and artistic production, propagation and exchange.

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